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Ndebele Gala Apron


The Itjogolo is a symbolic bridal apron worn by Ndebele women. It is made of leather or canvas material with five flaps, the bride embroiders it with geometric patterns using imported glass beads. The apron is worn for important ceremonial events, symbolizing the woman's newlywed status and representing fertility and motherhood through the five panels or "calves" that represent future offspring.

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Kisii Stone

from Kisii County in southwestern Kenya. Soapstone is one of the softest known minerals, making it easy to carve. While it can be found all over the world, Kenyan soapstone is considered unique and naturally comes in all different colours. White and pink coloured soapstone is softer and easier to work with, while black soapstone is the hardest.

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African wax painting

African wax painting or African batik painting is a unique craft that traces its roots to Indonesian origins. It combines the use of wax-resist techniques and native Indonesian techniques to create beautiful, vibrant prints used for clothing in West and Central Africa.

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