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Taurai Mupaso

Taurai Mupaso

Taurai is a young stone sculptor based at Chitungwiza Arts Centre (C.A.C) in Zengeza 4. His forte’ and passion is sculpting Owl figures! Many of which adorn his workshop.

Owls, being nocturnal birds are associated with witchcraft in the African tradition and are despised and feared by many Africans who regard them as harbingers of evil and death. Their large luminous eyes and eerie cries seem to lend credence to these suspicions. As a result people attack and kill these beautiful birds wherever they are seen in broad daylight.

Taurai seeks to demystify these misunderstood creatures by portraying them as friendly mythical characters in his sculptures evoking sympathy for these birds of the night.

Lack of access to international markets is Taurais biggest problem. “Locals appreciate my art but most cannot afford to buy luxuries like sculpture due to lack of disposable income” he said. Through his unique figurines, Taurai has carved a niche for him-self in the local visual arts industry and earned himself the nickname “Owl-man”.

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